Date Posted: 07/26/2023

SBS Philippines introduces a water soluble and biodegradable flexible packaging to combat single use plastic pollution in waterways.

Did you know that more than 400 million tons of plastic products are produced globally every year? Almost half of this amount is single-use products that get thrown away after just one use. Unfortunately, plastic waste often ends up in nature and can remain there for a long period of time, whether on land or in water.

SBS Philippines Corporation together with Solutum Technologies Ltd. (Solutum) will bring to the Philippine market a new alternative to flexible plastic packaging that dissolves and degrades in water, that meets ISO 14851 certificate requirement. This will help address issues created by unmanaged disposal of single-use plastic in the country.

Solutum has won the Innovator of the year award from Lyve Labs Seagate Innovation Centers, given in October 2022, and the LG ‘Life’s Good Challenge’ Gold Award in January 2023.

The compound utilizes natural biochemical processes to dissolve and then biodegrades into natural biomass, CO2 and H2O, in water at ambient temperatures. Solutum has developed unique mechanisms to control the sensitivity of their compound to water, providing a range of predetermined dissolving times, allowing it to be applied as an alternative to a broader range of single use plastic applications.

Our biodegradable material has the same or better characteristics as conventional plastic for flexible packaging, resulting in higher tensile strength, extended elasticity, impact resistance and excellent barrier properties, and overall a more robust alternative to conventional plastics.

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