Board Committees

SBS Philippines

Executive Commitee

To assist the Board with its responsibilities, the Board established an Executive Committee who may act on corporate matters which are within the competence of the Board except the following authorities that are specially reserved for the Board: (a) approval of any action of which shareholder approval is also required; (b) amendment or repeal of By-Laws or adoption of new By-Laws; (c) approval of the annual report and accounts; (d) exercise of powers delegated by the Board to other committees; (e) board appointments and removals; (f) selection of the Chairman and President & Chief Executive Officer; nominations for Board membership following recommendations from the Nomination Committee; (g) appointment or removal of the Corporate Secretary and Treasurer; (h) appointment,reappointment or removal of the external auditor; and (i) distribution of cash dividends to shareholders. 

The following are the members of the Executive Committee:
  • Necisto U. Sytengco

    Chairman | Non-Executive Director

  • Gerry D. Tan

    Member | Executive Director

  • Esmeraldo Tepace

    Member | Executive Director

  • Aylene Y. Sytengco

    Member | Executive Director

  • Necisto Y. Sytengco II

    Member | Executive Director

SBS Philippines

Corporate Governance Nomination and Remuneration Committee

The Corporate Governance Nomination and Remuneration Committee evaluates the qualifications of all persons nominated for election of the Board of Directors in accordance with the requirements of the Company’s By-Laws, Manual of Corporate Governance and applicable legal and regulatory listing requirements. The Committee also coordinates the annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board and develops and recommends policies on corporate governance.

The members of the Corporate Governance, Nomination and Renumeration Committee are as follows:
  • Roberto F. Anonas, Jr.

    Chairman | Independent Director

  • Lilian Linsangan

    Member | Independent Director

  • Ricardo Nicanor N. Jacinto

    Ex-Officio | Non-Voting Member | Non-Executive Director

  • Geocel D. Olanday

    Independent Director