Share Information

Shares Information

Capital Structure 

Capital Structure: (as of 31 July 2018) 
Authorized Capital Stock:  P1.55 Billion, divided into 1,550,000,000 common shares with par value of P1.00 each

Subscribed and Issued:  1,549,999,999 common shares

Shares Outstanding : PhP 1,549,999,999 common shares, net of treasury shares

Treasury shares : nil

Ownership: As of July 31, 2018
Filipino:        1,512,315,849 common shares (97.57%)
Foreign:       24,946,921 common shares (2.43%)

Exchange Where Listed 

Philippine Stock Exchange

List of Shareholder 

List of Shareholders as of 31 December 2017

PCD Nominee Beneficial Owners as of 17 Many 2017

SBS Foreign Ownership Report as of 17 May 2017